Tips For The Perfect Wedding Venue

By Ava Mason

Line dancing in a village hall? A tea party at a country house? Whatever wedding venue you choose it has to be just right. With endless options and a wedding budget to grapple it's no easy task to find the perfect wedding venue. We've put together just the guide to help you in your quest to find the place for your wedding.

Start with the numbers - we all know the dream wedding venue doesn't come cheap. But whether it's a stately home or your local working men's club before you go anywhere decide your budget and stick to it. And if you've already found somewhere that you simply must have then consider switching to a less popular day and bagging yourself a discount in the process.

The perfect timing - some wedding venues get booked up many months and even years in advance. No soon as that engagement ring is placed on your finger then we suggest you hot foot it to a computer and check out "wedding venues" in Google. The earlier you can make plans the more chance you have of securing your dream wedding venue.

It's your day - your mother has already bought the hat, is shopping for the dress and has already decided the wedding venue. Stop. Rewind. It's your day remember. Make a list of what type of person you are - does that fairytale castle really float your boat or would you rather be on a boat? And remember, it's your day, your choice.

The guest list - does that third cousin, twice removed really need to make the guest list? Be strict on the list and you can spend more on the venue. Consider getting married later in the day so you only pay for one meal, rather than the more traditional lunch and evening buffet option.

Ask what's included - most wedding venues have a basic wedding package with additional extras not included. Be clear from the initial discussion with your venue what's included in the packages. If catering is extra then ask for prices.

The first dance - do you want to dance the night away to a jazz band, or rock to Led Zepp - whatever entertainment you dream of then make sure the wedding venue can accommodate it. Decide your entertainment before you book the venue. - 31362

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Why Buy Silk Wedding Flowers?

By Judith J. Conway

When it comes to buying wedding flowers you have ample options to pick from. There's a plethora of real flowers available for the purpose. Another option is that of silk flowers. If you draw a comparison, you'll find that silk blooms turn out to be a superior option. Let's have a look at some of the reasons which makes buying silk flowers a sound option over the genuine flowers.

If you want to utilize your hard-earned cash, then decide for silk marriage flowers. The silk marriage flowers are as gorgeous as the real flowers and they're also very pocket friendly. You can hardly spot a difference between the looks of silk blooms and that of real flowers. However, the difference that it makes to your marriage budget is highly noticeable. Using real flowers for your marriage could be a costly affair especially in the case when the flower necessities are huge. So going in for silk wedding flowers in such a case would be a smart call.

A big benefit the plastic flowers have is that they come in various varieties. Unlike real flowers they are not dependant on season. Real flowers that you may want for your wedding may not be available in that particular season. this isn't the case with silk flowers. You can simply get the silk variety of your choice, despite what season it is. Another brownie point here is that you may employ exotic flower types of silk wedding flowers. The real exotic flower varieties otherwise would burn a hole in your pocket. The real flowers of course can't sustain for long.

The genuine flowers begin to shrivel out through the course of the wedding. They happen to lose their glaze. this is not the case with the silk flowers. They have an inclination to remain the same always. They do not dry away like the real flowers and hence remain fresh. Silk flowers also form the perfect choice for an out of doors marriage like that in a farm or vineyard. This is so because unlike real flowers they're resistant to the harsh rays of the sun and hence do not wilt away.

One more reason for using plastic flowers as wedding flowers is that they are easy to preserve. They can remain with you in their original form for years ahead. This is more vital because by preserving your wedding flowers, you may preserve your memories. If you would like to keep your wedding memories alive you can preserve the bridal bouquet or the groom's boutonniere. For this make use of silk flowers instead of real flowers as they are more easy to preserve.

Yet one more reason why you must use silk flowers for your marriage is because they don't stain. You must have spotted the blotches of flowers on the bridal dress at many marriages. Even the table cloths tend to get stained after coming in contact with the flowers. To ensure that this doesn't occur, you must go in for silk wedding flowers only.

As well as abovementioned advantages of silk wedding flowers, there's another reason to buy silk flowers. The reason is that fake flowers are terribly suitable to order. You can always go online and choose the variety of silk blooms that you want. You can simply place the order tomany online sellers of silk flowers and have them delivered at your doorstep. However, when it comes to real flowers the case is in contrast. For picking real flowers you need to go to the florist and only then you can place the order.

Look at the benefits that silk flowers have over real flowers and hence don't befool yourself into buying the real ones. - 31362

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Many Popular Wedding Themes To Choose From

By Heather Maine

Popular wedding themes are beginning to be used more than traditional weddings for a number of reasons. I am helping my sister plan her wedding and she decided she wanted something extra special for this occasion. We researched weeding themes and here is what we found.

A theme can be anything you like and want to have for your wedding. If you love the ocean then the beach theme may be perfect for you. More and more people are going with themes like Cinderella and other Disney characters. Location, time of year, and budget may be your deciding factors though.

Christmas and winter wonderland themes may not be appropriate for a summer wedding. Some people are finding that medieval themes can be fun and quite beautiful when done in the proper setting. If you have the budget and time then you can do any theme successfully with proper planning.

Your theme should match up with time of year and location. The main priority is to plan a wedding you will be happy with. It's always nice to have a wedding you guests will enjoy but that is secondary to your desires. Go with a theme you will enjoy and plan accordingly.

Some of the more popular wedding themes you might choose are Victorian, spring, fall, winter, Disney, or African themed weddings. Of course any major holiday can be used; you can even have a Halloween wedding if you like. Easter and spring are very colorful and can make great themes. These are also themes where location really won't matter.

You can take any popular wedding theme you like and change it to meet your needs. You might decide to do a beach theme even if you are in Ohio. It's your wedding and all about what you want. Themes just add a special touch to a very special occasion. - 31362

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How To Search For A Photographer For Wedding Photos

By Elitheo Nobo

The list is long when getting ready for a wedding and one of the most important items on the list is the photographer. Who you choose to take your wedding photos is one of the most important decisions you will make. The photos will be with you for many years following the ceremony so it is important to choose a good photographer.

Photographers will have various hours they are willing to spend at the ceremony as well as before and after. You will need to let them know how long you expect them to be present and special photos you will want. For example many brides want photos of them getting ready to leave for the wedding site.

When making an appointment for your initial meeting with the photographer, request they bring samples with them. The professional should have a portfolio with previous wedding ceremonies they have worked for. Also ask which poses they will want to take at the wedding.

Do not hire the photographer over the phone and not plan a meeting until the day of the wedding. Always meet with them prior to the date of their services. You should also sign an agreement prior to the date as well.

Decide how many pictures you would like to have prior to arriving at the wedding site. Many brides like to have photos of them putting on the veil and the groom and his wedding party getting dressed as well. Many churches have different rules regarding when photos should be take during the ceremony. It is important to find this information out and pass it along to the photographer.

Make a specific list of photos you have to have. There will be an option of getting wedding party photos before or after the ceremony. If you do not want to be seen in the gown prior to walking down the aisle then make it clear that photos be taken after the ceremony to include entire wedding party.

The expenses of the photographer will vary greatly depending on the hours you will require their service and how many photos you will require. Many professional photographers require a deposit be made prior to the date of the ceremony and some will require full payment. Be knowledgeable of which way the photographer wants to be paid.

If hiring a professional is out of your price range, check out one of the local community colleges. Often times they will have students that will take photos for the experience or as a class project. They are often times a lot less expensive than a professional and will do a great job because they are learning so they are eager to do it perfect.

If you would like videos of the wedding, it may be more cost efficient to hire a professional to video the ceremony and someone else to take the photos. It is your special day and the wedding photos are something you will have for many years so be choosy in what you want photos of and how many. - 31362

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Wedding Photography Planning

By David Ball

To many people their wedding day is the most important day of their life, so when planning the documenting of your wedding it is essential that you consider all of the aspects concerned. In future years you want to be proud to take out the photo album to show your friends and family. Whether planning time wise for wedding portraits, making sure everyone looks good, getting all the photos you want and making sure others with digital cameras aren't in the way but can still get the photos they want can be very difficult.

When booking a photographer there are many different things you need to consider. The first is whether they will be available; generally you should book twelve months in advance, however for autumn or spring weddings you may need to book up to eighteen months in advance.

You should visit the website of the photographer first to ascertain whether or not you like the photographers style. Depending on your budget, different wedding photography packages can be purchased. Carefully considering each package is essential so as you get the perfect package for your wedding.

Wedding photos can come with added effects (such as a sepia effect) which can add to your photos. Your photographer will provide samples of different effects and shooting styles which you may or may not decide to include in your package. You should also inquire whether or not retouching is included in your chosen package. It is a good idea to meet with your photographer around a month before the wedding to finalise the details of the day.

In regard to time, you should make sure you have plenty thereof. It is ideal to leave about forty five minutes for photos before the bride leaves for the ceremony, and in case of any delays the bride should have her hair and make-up finished first. For these photos you want to find an area in the house that provides plenty of natural light for the photographer. The photographer should also be given a list of all the photos you want them to capture during the day. When planning these photos it is a good idea to let the people in them know whence they are scheduled to happen, so as to avoid them having to be chased down.

For photos taken at the ceremony, make sure no foreign objects such as held plastic bags are in the shots, as they can really dampen a good photo. Any pocket bulges from the Groom or Groomsmen should also be removed from the photo. It is very important at the end of the ceremony that guests are informed not to crowd the aisle, so the photographer is not blocked of and hence does not miss any key moments.

To many people their wedding day is the most important day of their life, so when planning the documenting of your wedding it is essential that you consider all of the aspects concerned. In future years you want to be proud to take out the photo album to show your friends and family. - 31362

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Special Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

By Erin Montgomery

Decent bridal shower favor ideas are easy to come by because bridal shower favors could be as small and simplistic as flavored lip gloss or candies. Fantastic favors take a little more creativity, but the more effort you put into it, the more special the bride-to-be will feel at the party.

If you are thinking about the favors, chance are you are the one planning the bridal shower. As with anything else wedding-related everything needs to be just right. Shower favors are not a must, but they can really bring the whole event together and make it a night to truly remember. Thinking of special and unique bridal shower favors may seem difficult at first, but if you take into account the shower's theme and the bride's likes and dislikes it should be a little bit easier.

A very easy way to tie everything in is consider the theme of the shower and look for cute, yet practical miniature items that fit the theme. For example, if the bride-to-be loves to shop, small imitation decorate purses with something like manicure sets or even mints would fit the theme. There are many things you could actually give out at the bridal shower, many of which are smaller, cuter versions of everyday items, such as tiny shoe bottle openers. But that isn't the limit to these types of favors.

If the party doesn't have a theme, then your mind is allowed to go wherever it wants to with bridal shower favor ideas -- and there are a lot of places it can go. Any customized items are also appreciated, though if you choose to go that route you will have to get the names of all of the guests attending.

If the party is more casual and playful, customized pins or even costume pieces like scarves are unique ideas.

No matter what you choose to give the guests and the bride, be sure that you do not make the shower seem like the main event is all your hard planning work. She is the most important guest attending, so shower her with extra party favors to make her feel special. Remember that a wedding is one of the most important and exciting events in a person's life, so make it even more special with well thought out party favors.

Make sure you do not forget about the budget you are on while planning the favors. Could everything you want cost too much? Will the favors make the whole shower all that much better? Be sure not to go overboard with the favors. You and everyone else has dozens of bridal shower favor ideas, but not all of them are that great. If you ensure that they are loving and thoughtful, the bride will be more than appreciative of the effort you put towards her big celebration. - 31362

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Save Some Money By Doing Without Wedding Favors

By Kathy Forcey

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to finding bridal party favors. It can be hard, because not only are you choosing favors for your bridal party, but you are choosing gifts for your best friends. In this article you will find some great ideas for gifts to get for your bridal party.

A sleek and simple necklace is a beautiful gift to give to your bridal party. This is something that they can wear to your wedding and enjoy for many years to come. Just remember that you don't want to buy big bulky jewelry for your bridal party as you don't want to take away from the beauty of the wedding.

Consider having a champagne glass personalized with your bridesmaids' names on them. You could also have a lipstick tube engraved or a tennis bracelet. You know your friends well enough to pick out something that they will really like. A monogrammed hand bag makes a wonderful gift for your bridal party. This is something that your friends will be able to use over and over again. It should also come in handy the night of your wedding. Your friends will be able to store their lipsticks, car keys and ID cards in it.

If your flower girl is older you might consider getting her a little bit of neutral colored make up. You could get her a delicate necklace and a matching bracelet. You might also consider getting her a little stuffed kitten to remind her of the day!

For the groomsmen, cologne works well. If you are on a budget you might think about making your own gift baskets for them. Think about what your friends like and personalize each one. Tie clips are a good gift for the groomsmen as well. Ask your fianc(c) what he thinks they will like and go from there.

For your father or the groom's father, consider a tie clip, a mug, a tie or monogrammed golf balls. Your mother might like a bracelet, earrings, a nice photo album, a handbag or a jewelry box, remember that your parents are probably being very supportive of your wedding. Take the time to put some thought into picking out their gift.

Tell those that you love that you appreciate them by putting some thought into the bridal party wedding favors that you get for them. Remember they are taking the time to be there for you and support you on one of the most important days of your life. - 31362

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